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If we talkin money? We speaking on the right things. If we talkin CASH? We talkin Ken Broadway. One of the best wrestlers coming out of the east coast, Broadway is done being quiet. Slept on, looked over, not given enough opportunities. Broadway is already starting off 2021 in the right direction getting an opportunity to show the world what he is all about taking the spot of Tony Deppen earlier this month in a really great match against Black Wrecellence favorite ACH at 56 Nights for GCW. The GCW management seems to be pretty high on Broadway, so much so that he got a well earned victory over the on fire vet ACH. Cashflow KB is on his way to being the breakout star of 2021.

Out of NYC it makes a lot of sense that Ken Broadway is already such a great wrestler with big star quality, he was trained at House Of Glory Wrestling under Brian XL and Amazing Red. We all know how I feel about Amazing Red and the things that he’s done not just for independent wrestling but what he has done for pro wrestling as a whole. The talent that Red and Brian XL have produced over at HOG is outstanding and Broadway is at the top of the class when it comes to it. Broadway brings that New York energy to every match, with every entrance you can feel the vibes. When he enters the ring and navigates through the match you can really feel that New York flavor. Broadway is a major player, I feel like if given more promo time he will really start to break through. With getting the indie hype look with GCW and the 24 wrestling event going down this weekend Broadway will use every look he gets to gain new fans. How will he fair on a day full of talented wrestlers from all over the country? By the end of it all he will for sure be one of the standouts.

You know if you search Ken Broadway on YouTube a bunch of very high profile match ups come up with a bunch of very familiar names such as Lio Rush, Jay White, Zach Sabre Jr and Tony Nese. He also has had many other high profile matches for HOG with people like Fenix, MJF, Amazing Red, Brian XL and in tag matches against Private Party. Broadway has a lot of big match experience over these last four or five years. It’s a surprise that’s he’s just getting an opportunity on a larger stage. I mean some of the most high profile indie wrestlers don’t even have the resume of Broadway at this point. The best part about it all is that the matches are great. Broadway showcases that New York fly shit all throughout them. He uses kicks, angles, trash talk, suplexes and just straight up beating down his opponents to get victories. He likes the use the Cashflow Kick to finish em. He’s gonna come out guns a blazing during this 24 hour Fight Forever event. Even with the resume he’s got a lot to prove to himself.

The Wrestling world has been hit very hard with a number of deaths of very prominent wrestling figures as well as some wrestlers who were on the cusp of breaking out. The New York wrestling scene and specifically House Of Glory wrestling were one hit the hardest when we learned of the absolutely devastating passing of wrestler Matt Travis. Travis was a young promising and very exciting wrestler who was on the verge of a breakout. One of the standout stars of HOG wrestling who was so well liked as a person as everyone he interacted with will tell you. One of those wrestlers being Travis’ former tag team partner Ken Broadway. Travis and Broadway were apart of a team called Murder By Kicks. They started off as a brash and HARD tag team but eventually turned on each other and entered into a blood feud culminating with a cage match that I’m sure Broadway will now look back fondly on. You just know that the type of unit the HOG wrestling gang are that from this point forward Broadway will be doing what he can to pay tribute to his partner. You know that Broadway has extra motivation to succeed and show the world what I’m sure him and Travis would consistently talk about why they are some of the best. Broadway is on the journey forward alone but the presence of his partner Matt Travis will always be holding that tag rope in his corner.

What’s next for Broadway? Like I said he’s got a lot goin on this weekend with matches throughout the 24 hour Fight Forever showcase. He’s gonna be representing in my favorite show For The Culture 2! in an absolutely INSANE three way against Black Wrecellence favorite Lee Moriarty and the recently returning Saieve Al Sabah. Goes without saying that this one will steal the show. He’s also wrestling for VXS Wrestling against Gabriel Skye. Another match he has is against Charles Mason at Jimmy Lloyd Up All Night. It’s possible that he will have more. He will definitely make the most out of these three matches. The Fight Forever showcase this weekend is such a great thing for pro wrestling and the fans but most importantly the wrestlers. It’s a free event so we get to tune in for free to watch the whole thing but what we need to do is go to to donate as the proceeds will go 100% directly to the wrestlers. He’s also participating in #NoHook for Paradigm Pro Wrestling. #NoHook is Pro Wrestling and hip hop together(my SHIT obviously) put together by the young KING J Rose. Couldn’t have found a more perfect wrestler for #NoHook than Ken Broadway. After what will transpire this weekend and the work that will be done with #NoHook Broadway is like I said poised to have a great year. It’s only a matter of time until we see him show up for a major promotion, any week now we could see him on AEW Dark, Impact Wrestling or even MLW. By the end of the year everyone will know Cashflow, might as well add him to your end of year lists now.

Ken Broadway:

Twitter: @cashflowkb

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