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The Black Wrecellence Newsletter

It’s the very FIRST edition of the Black Wrecellence Newsletter. As the late great Owen Hart once said, “Enough is enough and it’s time for a change!” We have been putting up with the same old same wrestling journalist and news sites for DECADES now. The wrestlers that I want to hear about never get enough coverage or any coverage at all. Well I am here to change that. The Black Wrecellence Newsletter is going to be exactly like the Black Wrecellence podcast and any other Black Wrecellence presence there was, representation for the Black pro wrestlers out there who are in the grind not being given the opportunity even when they are just as good or BETTER than others who are. If they can’t do something right, you just do it yourself.

The biggest wrestling story of the week definitely lies in the giant weekend of wrestling known as The Collective which features the most important show of the year and the show that is DRIPPIN with Black Wrecellence that of course is FOR THE CULTURE. The show spearheaded by AJ Gray features some of the best talent on the indies with some absolutely insane matches goin down. AJ himself is featured in a match against Dezmond Xavier. Gray has said that this match is very important to him as Dez has played a pretty big role in the career of Gray. Dez is one of the most dynamic wrestlers out and is constantly putting on great matches with his bros Zachary Wentz and Trey Miguel of The Rascals in Impact Wrestling. This is one of those matches that’s dope because it’s Gray’s show and just like every single match and show he’s on he feel like he has something to prove. The first For The Culture was cancelled due to the pandemic goin crazy and Gray was to show even more this time around how important a show like this is so I’m positive he’s going to put on the match of a lifetime. Another match featured on this show which is probably the people’s main event, actually that’s pretty hard to say as all of these matches are the people’s main event but you see what I’m trying to say here, is the match between AR Fox and the LEGENDARY OG, perhaps the greatest Black wrestler of all time 2 Cold Scorpio. This is such an important and crazy match to have. AR Fox is just as crazy and off the wall as Scorp is and will do absolutely anything in that ring. Fox has been spending a lot of his time training the next generation at his wrestling school but he still is at the top of his game when it comes to in ring. 2 Cold Scorpio is still doing moves he did 25 years ago and could still have a major run ala PCO. Should be a very intriguing contest. Trish Adora Vs Suge D for the Pan-Afrikan world diaspora championship is one of the most important matches of not just this show but the entire weekend. Such a prestigious and culture shifting title being defended on the most important show of the year is everything. Trish has been champ for over year and is still proving that she is one of the best around. Suge has something major to prove after a stint in AEW. He has been on fire with the video promos and promotion leading up to a couple of his big fights. One to watch. It’s a super huge weekend for Lee Moriarty! This night he’s having one of his biggest matches to date against a king amongst us who is requested for dream matches by so much wrestlers today ACH. ACH has been on an incredible run since the controversy with WWE and I have been so happy to see all the matches he has had. This one will be no different with Moriarty goin out there to show that he is exactly what everyone says he is. Show stealer, weekend stealer. Calvin Tankman’s match has went through a few changes to get to the show, first he was gonna take on Will Hobbs who was his original FTC opponent back in April, Hobbs pulled out, then he was gonna face Jon Davis, who had to pull out, now he’s scheduled to take on the always brooding big man named O’Shay Edwards The Big Bad Kaiju and it’s going to be a FIGHT. Tankman has been on an TEAR this year making fans and wowing crowds with every single match he has. He’s about to have a big debut in MLW which we will talk about later. A 4 way showcase match is happening featuring one of my favorite Willow Nightingale as she takes on Faye Jackson, Marti Belle, and Devon Monroe. These are 4 of the best wrestlers on the scene who on every show that their are on, show that they got everything it takes to be major players in any company. These people will show exactly the vision that AJ Gray is trying to push, that there are so many of us out there that are talented and different with their own characters. People are going to make a lot of new fans this weekend. The show is rounded out by a couple of other great matches featuring JTG taking on Trey Miguel which is very interesting because JTG has been extra motivated in his last couple of matches. Doing research for this i rediscovered the announcement that Cryme Tyme was going to be at the original For The Culture, since then his partner Shad tragically passed away and you know that not just him but the rest of the crew on the For The Culture show will be doing it for Shad. A tag match featuring Top Flight(Air Wolf, Angel Dorado), 40 Acres(Tre Lamar, PB Smooth), and Culture Szn(Christian Casanova, Tasha Steele) is bound to try to steal the show. Culture Szn’s Casanova is one of my top 5 favorite wrestlers out and always has something to prove, his partner Steele is one of the best women’s wrestlers in Impact wrestling. Top Flight is an insane tag team that is the next generation of pro wrestling. They do things that you wouldn’t believe. 40 Acres is AJ Gray’s crew, Lamar is one of the fastest, flyest, confident young kings on the scene and Smooth is just that Smooth, a GIANT dude who moves like an updated classic big man. It’ll be super dope to watch. I can’t not emphasize the importance of this For The Culture show, it’s a Pro Wrestling show For Us By Us and you just don’t get a lot of those these days. You would hope that there are some young fans who stumble upon this and are happy to know that we have something like this we can be proud of. We are all very excited to see the show.

The Ring Of Honor Pure Title tournament is loaded with Black Wrecellence talent. I really hope this tournament is concluded exactly how it looks to be set up with the eventual winner being Jonathan Gresham. To introduce the tournament Gresham did a series of video promos to go over the history of the Pure title and really hammer home that his character is just that, a Pure wrestler and a bad ass. Gresham was made for this title. The rules follow along to exactly the type of wrestler that he is and everything points to him being the winner and holding that title over his head at the end. I actually have a fantasy booking idea for the belt. Gresham wins the Pure title tournament, he goes on a tear having the best match of the night on all the following ROH events, the talk is building, every ROH event is focused on the Pure title match, Gresham is the man! The Ring Of Honor champion, whoever he is at the time is growing furious each show, angry that the focus is on Gresham and not him the ROH world champion. He gets so angry that after a while HE challenges Gresham to challenge HIM for the world title as he says the ROH championship is the REAL championship in Ring Of Honor. Gresham DECLINES as he says the Pure title is his championship and he will lead ROH into the future as the Pure Champion. This goes on for months as the champion grows angrier and eventually ends up costing Gresham the Pure title making Gresham angry enough to challenge him for the ROH championship and WIN. That’s a tangent but this is my newsletter and I can do what I want. The rest of the tournament is filled with some of the absolute best technical wrestlers in the world specifically Kenny King, Jay Lethal and the man that I wanted to be in the tournament from the moment that they announced it FRED YEHI. There was also a time where I wondered why a certain TAIGASTYLE wrestler wasnt apart of the tournament as he would be a perfect fit but I have it on good authority that he was contacted by Ring Of Honor to be in the tournament but his busy schedule just didn’t permit. Beyond that, if you follow me on social media, @righteousreg, you would know how I feel about Fred Yehi. He is one of the most underrated wrestlers on the entire planet and I have no clue why he isn’t signed to a major company. I have been saying for a while that he would be a great addition to the NWA roster, especially how he works but now in reality he just needs to sign with Ring Of Honor because he would be a great fit. My dream is that he and Gresham meet in the finals of the tournament but it feels like they are setting up a showdown with the Ring Of Honor tag team champions Gresham and Jay Lethal. It all makes sense considering they are champs and have been building towards this plus Lethal’s history with the title. A one hour pure title finals with Gresham and Lethal would be a completely insane match and a match of the year candidate no question. Definitely am excited to see the conclusion of this.

Over in All Elite Wrestling is the most emotionally invested that I am in any Pro Wrestling company right now and that has to do with what they are doing with my big homie Will Hobbs. I first say Hobbs at an APW show here in the Bay Area in Concord California. He was a big ass dude walking around before the show interacting with fans. Most fans seemed to be familiar with him and excited to have a few minutes of conversation with him. He looked like a star already and had a type of way with the fans that showed he was something special. I watched him have a match with another local wrestler Marcus Lion and I was impressed with both but there was something about Hobbs that’s I really was interested in. When I got home I started talking on Twitter about how Hobbs had something and eventually developed a friendship with him. Watching him tear it up in APW and having some really great matches at West Coast Pro in South San Francisco against wrestlers like AJ Gray, Chris Dickinson and Trey Miguel I knew it was only a matter of time before a major company took notice. A few months later I see that he’s going to have a match on AEW Dark and there could not be more joy that what I experienced. Seeing your friend work so hard to create a better life for his family and work towards his goal every day being rewarded by being featured with a major company was major. He was on the losing end of his first number of Dark matches but was the talk of Twitter after every showing due to his aura and that HUGE spinebuster. The spinebuster gifs were rapidly being retweeted and fans were in all of the AEW mentions saying sign Will Hobbs. After proving himself on Dark he was given a huge shot on PAY PER VIEW during AEW’s All Out event where he was apart of the Casino Battle Royale. It was a surprise to many, he got in, got his shit in, and looked like a big star. He squared off against some of the biggest in AEW and looked like he belonged. There was a scary moment in the match where Matt Sydal slipped off the top rope attempting his Shooting Star Press which Hobbs would have been on the receiving end of and Hobbs acting quickly to make sure his brother in the ring was alright. In the end, Hobbs had one of the best showing of the whole battle Royale and it lead to the day and graphic I had been waiting for months now “WILL HOBBS IS ALL ELITE”. Will Hobbs has a contract with All Elite Wrestling. Hard work really does pay off. He earned it every week by being exactly who he was the day I saw him at the gym with APW. That Will Hobbs is seen every week on AEW. He’s has a couple of really big moments on AEW Dynamite, mainly coming to save the world champion Jon Moxley and has looked like a star that belongs there every time. Coming up he has a HUGE match against Brian Cage for the FTW championship. To see that he got signed and immediately was sprung into an angle with the world champ shows that AEW is behind the big man. The sky will be the limit for the big homie. The higher ups in AEW are behind him, the fans are behind him, it’s only a matter of time before they all know about WILLPOWER.

Impact Wrestling has been having a very interesting couple of months in the pandemic era. They have one of my favorite pro wrestlers in the whole world, top two and he not two Chris Bey on tv every week. He started out in Impact wrestling in a tremendous run, beating Willie Mack for the X division championship. Bey is exactly who he was before he came to Impact Wrestling on Impact Wrestling, cocky, confident, filled with finesse. It always makes me happy to see a wrestler get to be exactly who they want to be because it’s always better the closer to real it is. Bey lost the X Division championship not long after he won it which is some bullshit but that’s how the game is sometime. There is no question that he is going to be a major player in Impact Wrestling and eventually the world champ, it’s just a matter of how long until it happens. Bey has a timeline he wants to accomplish in Pro Wrestling and move on, it’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out.

In the world title picture you got the world champ Eric Young about to square off at the biggest show of the year Bound For Glory with Black Wrecellence FAVORITE the always extremely nice Rich Swann. They have been building towards this match since Young returned from WWE and Swann returned from injury. Swann has been a player for Impact for many years now having a tremendous run as X Division champion and putting on some of the best X division matches in years. He’s earned the right to be in the spot and it’ll be very special if they pull the trigger and let Swann get the big win. He’s been through so much starting with the end of his WWE run up until now, you really want to see the triumph at the end.

MLW is getting ready to begin having wrestling shows again and their reintroduction into the pandemic world is called #TheRestart. Now mind you, there is a dark cloud of controversy over the head of MLW as a company especially when it comes to Black Wrecellence. Saieve Al Sabah had a very public hiring and quitting of MLW a few months ago that had me first excited and then very confused after it all went down. It strings from some controversial backstage drama that Saieve felt needed to be handled swiftly. Things didn’t go how he liked so he left. He didn’t hold his tongue in giving the reasoning so that whole issue is still lingering in the background. With that though came a very big signing a few months ago of a talent that I talked about a little earlier Calvin Tankman. Tankman is special. Every couple years I discover a wrestler that I say to myself “if I would have become a wrestler that who I would have been like” for a while it was Willie Mack, now it’s Calvin Tankman. Tankman is a tank, man. Alright won’t do too many of those. He is hard hitting, quick, he can fly, he is a hybrid wrestler and that’s not the first thing you would think of when you see him. His moveset is one that I would create for my wrestler on No Mercy for Nintendo 64. He is going to be one name added to MLW that makes a big splash right out the gate because he style fits in so well. I’m interested to see where he is in the mix of the world title and an CLAMORING for the eventual match he has with Jacob Fatu. It’s gonna be a big fight. Watch the right. MLW has the chance to make a major impact in their reintroduction. At a time when WWE is on autopilot everyone is looking for that alternative to turn to. MLW was going exactly in that right direction before the pandemic ravaged everything. We need to tune in and support. The more companies thriving, the more wrestlers getting booked, the better.

Speaking of the WWE, there is just SO MUCH to say and I don’t know if I want to get all the way into it as this would be about 25 pages worth of rants so I’m just going to focus on a few bright spots currently happening in the company. The biggest longest running angle in the whole company is the feud between the Smackdown women’s champion Bayley and the number one Black Pro Wrestler in the world as seen on the #BW500 Sasha Banks. This feud has been building for like 5 years from their time in NXT, to them being in WWE and always attached to each other, to knowing they are real life best friends, to being the first of this generation WWE Women’s tag team champions, to the very well done break up, this match has been brewing for so many years. We knew it was coming and it’s here, I just don’t know if they should be doing matches this quickly as they have a match scheduled for Smackdown this week. I knew it’ll be some sort of swerve but why do we gotta have 500 of the same match to build to the big match. It’ll be much better to just wait to do the big match. We have been waiting this long. Don’t really need a best of 100 like they do every other feud they do. But I’m getting ahead of my self. Sasha Banks has been on a hall of fame run. That’s why she was number one on my list. She really locked into who Sasha Banks is. Not to mention the absolutely insane amount of great matches she has had. I know that her and Bayley have a plan to really blow minds with the feud they are about to have. Shit, in my opinion they gave the greatest WWE women’s wrestling match of all time with their Takeover Brooklyn match. Let’s see what they do on the really big stage. Hopefully it culminates at Wrestlemania.

On the other end probably the happiest I’ve been about an angle or a group in a long time in WWE is of course The Hurt Business. MVP returned to the WWE a few months ago and we didn’t really know what role he was going to play. Was he going to be a wrestler, a manager, an agent, backstage mentor? We were curious and those questions have been answered on a weekly basis for the last couple of months. MVP has done an incredible job of elevating Black talent in WWE who were kind of just wasting away not being utilized. Like I said multiple times, MVP is doing the veteran job that Booker T and Mark Henry should be doing, constantly elevating and not trying to talk down to them or make them feel like they shouldn’t be themselves. The Hurt Business is MVP, Bobby Lashley, Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander. Just reading those names together makes me happy. Getting all these guys together with a mouthpiece like MVP is a winning combination. They have been looking like the hardest niggas out on a weekly basis and now are in a feud with Retribution but that’s another story for another day. I hope this is leading to Ricochet joining the group as you know how I feel about Ricochet and if you don’t I will definitely have a huge rant in one of these newsletters about the travesty that is the booking of Ricochet. You see a lot of comparisons of The Hurt Business to the Nation Of Domination but that should be expected. Even though the groups are nothing alike and have different intentions wrestling fans are going to compare two groups featuring Black men because that’s what they do. Regardless of that we need to celebrate this group often. I’ve been tweeting for years about how I wanted a group like that because it’s the representing that I want on my tv. These guys are the antithesis of the Black Wrestlers that WWE usually books so to see them represented in such a major role on every RAW is HUGE. We need to give MVP his flowers, he’s doing some amazing work.

Bianca Belair has been featured in some vignettes the last couple of weeks showcasing why she’s the EST of WWE. The fastest, strongest,smartest, flyest, toughest, you get it!! The videos have received some backlash because they are cheesy but it really is just to give Bianca some screen time and how how charismatic she is. People can say whatever they want about how she is presented in these because as soon as she gets in the ring no of it matters as she really is one of the best women’s wrestlers they have. When they really let her go out there and do her it’s over for the rest of them. She definitely is a future WWE women’s champion and an eventual match with Naomi is very high on my dream match list. It’s interested to see the type of backlash Black women wrestlers constantly receive. Anything time they are featured there is some sort of issue even though the Black women’s wrestlers in the company are some of the best WWE’s women’s wrestlers of all time and constantly have great matches. They are just rarely given the change to shine and hopefully all these videos for Bianca is leading to a big push. In reality most wrestling fans and journalists just aren’t going to get Bianca just as they don’t get a lot of Black wrestlers who are presented to them different than what they are used to. A strong Black woman character is scary to a lot of people it just in pro wrestling but in EVERY facet of life. The good thing about it is that Bianca has been dealing with stuff like this and as always will rise to the top.

Righteous Hits

This weekend at The Collective also features some other great shows and wrestling companies showcasing some Black Wrecellence talent. Paradigm Pro Wrestling has a card called ‘Trapsoul’ with a lot of work done by the amazing JRose that has some crazy matches on it. Hoodfoot Mo Atlas the king of the du rag will be in action against Eric Stevens. Hoodfoot has a couple promos promoting the match you should go out of your way to see. One of the biggest matches on the card features O’Shay Edwards Vs Suge D that’s billed Grown Man Shit. Suge has put out a couple of promos produced by Darius Lockhart that really need to be seen as Suge has entered another level the last couple of months. O’Shay has ALSO produced a number of really dope promo videos ahead of his upcoming matches, he has been on something different with those recently.

Glory Pro has a crazy card headlined by a rematch between ACH and AJ Gray. AJ has his hands full with For The Culture but this match is one of his biggest rematches to date as the first match was one of his best. ACH has been bringing out the best in all of his opponents recently and to know how much Gray has improved since the last meeting has this one high up on the list. Mike Outlaw Vs Lee Moriarty is also a really dope match from this card. Outlaw is a up and coming talent that all of his peers have nothing but great remarks to say about him. He’s one that will make a name for himself this weekend and with a match with someone the caliber of Moriarty who is going to have all eyes on his this weekend it’s a big match for Outlaw. I got an interview with Moriarty coming to the site where he discusses all the big matches he has this weekend. Safe to say this is the biggest wrestling weekend of his short career.

One thing I would recommend for any wrestling fan reading this is to invest in a streaming service to support these independent wrestlers like Highspots Wrestling Network or There you can see all these wrestlers I talk about and watch some of these matches I’m gonna talk about here at the end.

First thing I’m going to recommend you go do is get a subscription to IWTV and watch the show Black Wrestlers Matter. It was another show featuring all Black wrestlers and had a bunch of great matches on the card. Headlined by ACH Vs JDX the show featured some of the names you will soon know like Air Wolf, Frontman Jah, Tootie Lynn, Joseline Navarro, Brooke Valentine, Mojo McQueen, Alpha Omega, Technical Difficulties and many more. Go out of your way to see this show. It’s really dope.

I spoke a little about Paradigm Pro Wrestling earlier so pull up a couple of their shows and check out Hoodfoot Vs O’Shay Edwards, Myron Reed Vs Freddie Hudson. Black Label Pro just had a show with ACH vs Christian Casanova that you GOTTA watch. They had a match with AJ Gray vs Arik Royal from a few weeks back that’s really dope where Calvin Tankman wins the belt in the main even for a few minutes. GCW has had some tremendous matches recently with Lio Rush making his return to the indies facing Joey Janela. Beyond Wrestling has had a bunch of bangers specifically a match with Christian Casanova and Blake Christian, Lee Moriarty Vs Johnny Yuma and a couple of dope tag matches with Myron Reed and Jordan Oliver. Find all of it. Go watch it. Share with a friend.

Righteous Reg

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