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The Black Wrecellence Newsletter #2

It’s not a New Day, no it aint

The biggest news story of the week, shit, of the year, is hands down the splitting up of The New Day. WWE did their dumb draft that happens every year. Nothing really significant or life changing really happened for me that is until Smackdown on October 9th 2020. Side note, October is really trash for The New Day. My infamous rant on Kofi Kingston losing the WWE championship to Brock Lesnar is seconds was titled October 4th 2019 so I will never forget, what’s up with that? Anyway, Xavier Woods and Kofi return to Smackdown after both were out with injuries. Woods had been out for like a year with an Achilles injury, he thought that was it. Kofi was injured in a really dope tables match with Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro a few months back. They meet Big E in the back who just had a crazy ass falls count anywhere match with Sheamus and he’s still bloody. Big E’s mood was really off for this return segment and I thought it was weird but maybe they were teasing his solo run and I should have been suspicious from that moment. Regardless, we are happy that The New Day is back and back together! They announce that Woods and Kofi are getting a title match TONIGHT against Nakamura and Cesaro. It’s LIT. Kofi and Woods end up defeating the champs and win their record TENTH WWE tag team championship reign and I’m tweeting my excitement then here comes Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie congratulates the new champs and say that Kofi and Woods the champs have been drafted to RAW moving away from Smackdown. You can hear Xavier Woods say “What about E? You didn’t say E’s name???!?!” Stephanie McMahon says those awful words “I’m sorry you guys but Big E has been drafted to Smackdown”........... Wait... WHAT. Hold the fuck up, that means, if they,.... YOU’RE SPLITTING UP THE NEW DAY?!?!?!? A wave of emotions overcomes the wrestling world. Every Black Wrestling fan I follow on Twitter is expressing some kind of emotions. Every wrestling fan in the world was shocked by this thing that just transpired. Five years worth of moments, matches, promos, Magic have been split up in order to “really get Big E over for a singles run”. NO. Stop with all your dumb theories. I don’t want to hear them. There isn’t only ONE way to get over a wrestler that was featured in a group or tag team. There isn’t only the Rockers/ Shawn Michaels way of creating the next World Champion. You don’t have to split up every tag team you’ve ever had first of all. It’s not the best way to get a guy over especially in THIS situation. The appeal of any member of The New Day is the other members of The New Day and that’s not a diss to any individual member it’s the way they wanted it to be. Xavier Woods has went on record many times saying that he would retire if they split up The New Day and it’s the reason that he’s stayed in Pro Wrestling for so long. The New Day movement was created for a purpose, they have a podcast and tell the whole story and you can really get behind the whole history of the group. Hearing what they have to say and what being in the group has done for each member really makes this split hit even harder. For The New Day, this group was more important than any wrestling angle. Watch Kofi’s 24 on the network, when he goes back to his homeland to really see. Listen to all the fans who talk about how much The New Day has meant to them over these years and how the group has kept them interested in WWE at times when interests was very low. I know what this angle is going for and I know what WWE is trying to do, it’s Pro Wrestling 101, you get the other two members away from Big E, it gets sympathy on him and them, his legend grows for him to become the world champion and eventually they get back together for a big reunion. We’ve seen it, it’s been done, that’s all they ever do. I was hoping that they would take a different angle to get Big E to being the world champ. Having Big E and Woods at his side to help him along the way in matches and putting themselves on the line really upped the ante in the rise of Kofi Kingston to the WWE championship last year. The tag team gauntlet match where E and Woods fought on Smackdown for Kofi to earn the opportunity. All the sacrifices as a team they made to make sure the Kofi has the moment at Wrestlemania 35 to win the WWE championship could have been done in an even better way to aid in the rise of Big E but WWE is in a vicious cycle of booking ideas they have been doing for 30 years. Apparently people think this is going to lead to Big E becoming World Champion and I’m sure it will and hope it does but this has really put a stain on the whole situation for me. This right here is the thing that I never wanted to happen because it’s bigger than some wrestling angle and you could have accomplished what you wanted and even bigger without this. Black Wrestlers have never been given a fair shake in WWE and I could write an entire book on the history in WWE. You can count on one hand the ones that have really been given the opportunities to shine without any stipulations. The New Day was different. They represent something different than what all the Black Wrestlers in the past have represented. They have never been caricatures of Black people because they have always been themselves. They have never been out there “shuckin and jivin” because the really people would do exactly what the characters Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier woods would do if put in those situations. They represented really Black men that are different and like me and that we can relate to. They were 100% them and it shows on screen and it’s always been refreshing. The New Day encountered a bunch of obstacles along the way that I said have been chronicled on their podcast and I have even done a few podcasts on the history of The New Day(that you should check out The Black Wrecellence podcast) so we all know what they represent for a Black wrestling fan like me and even more for what they represent for the younger Black wrestling fans. Eventually they overcame and began to go on a run. Like I said they just entered their 10th tag team championship reign. They are the longest reigning WWE tag team champions in history. They’ve gotten every accolade there is to get as a WWE tag team and really their is not much more that they can do. That’s even more reason NOT to split them up. They could start to go even harder wanting the other members to win singles championships. The moral support would be even heavier and the singles victories could be even sweeter. I’ve went off on a few tangents here but this one was big for me. So big that this actually might be it for me as a die hard WWE fan like I’ve been. Tuning in for every show that WWE produces only to be disappointed by the writing but continuously giving them a pass because that’s what I’ve always done. I might have to start dedicating my time to another wrestling company that needs and deserves it because this lazy writing WWE continues to have is starting to wear on me. Breaking up The New Day is just something you don’t do. It’s lazy. It’s unimaginative. It’s old school boring booking and I’m tired of that. We need different. We need out of the box. We need the future. Pro Wrestling need to change from so many angles. It’s a world based on what was and it’s time to create for what’s going to be. All in all I do hope this does what they want it to for Big E. He’s worked hard and long to get into the position that he’s in. I will 1000% celebrate when he wins the big one even if I don’t like part of the journey. A Black man as world champion is always the goal and he will be absolutely perfect representation for us. I will get into a full newsletter on Big E later as the time comes for his title opportunity. I’m sure around Royal Rumble time is when it will kick into high gear. Still I’m upset about the split no matter how it’s spun and I hope it’s not for long. New Day is the group FOREVER. It works at its full capacity with the 3 of them. It’s the magic. It’s the Power.


The most important Pro Wrestling show of the year took place the same night as The New Day split up, ‘For The Culture’ came and went and was everything I had hoped for, even more. Spearheaded by AJ Gray with the help of JRose, they put together a show under the umbrella of GCW and The Collective and it ended up being the best wrestling show that I have seen all years hands down. The whole weekend is now surrounded by controversy due to some positive Covid test and some nasty allegations that align with the speaking out movement. Those are other topics for another day today we are talking about the amazing night of wrestling known as For The Culture! One year in the making, AJ Gray announced that For The Culture would be taking place this year. It originally was supposed to happen Wrestlemania Weekend but was postponed due to the pandemic. Some matches were switched around and some things changed but for the most part the card has been locked in for a while and we were ready to go when the show kicked off. I’ll give a match by match recap.


This opener was CRAZY. Featured a bunch of guys that I’m a huge fan of. HOODFOOT is one of the best big men coming up. Gots an incredible promo that can really sell a match. He has a very hard hitting, high impact style that was on display here. Only issue is we didn’t get to see the Du Rag intro with March Madness blasting in the background due to the show starting with the guys already in the ring. Timmy Lou is a budding superstar. An elegant high flyer, his dives are actually beautiful. His shooting star press goes crazy. He’s in his bag trying to come up with new innovative and dope ways to do moves. He’s one of the next up and you can tell by the transformation that he’s made in the last couple of years that he’s serious and ready to be a player. Zay Washington is a new one even for me. Hadn’t seen any of his work before this show and I was very blown away. He hit a couple of wild dives that had the crowd on their feet. He really made his mark in a match that was loaded with talent. Throwing strikes and working like it was his most important match ever. AC Mack is a BIG STAR. Before he even gets to the ring he commands an audience, be it with a sharp tongued promo, a charismatic entrance or just talkin shit to the fans in attendance. When that bell rings he’s one of the best in the business today with an unorthodox style that really shines. I always am impartial to wrestlers who have an unique style and AC Mack fits that as you can see on display here. Mack ended up posting on Twitter that he tested positive for Covid 19 after this weekend. We are all hoping for a speedy recovery. All these gentlemen really set the stage for the show, kicking it off exactly how it should and trying to prove that they are ones to watch. Mike Outlaw picks up the victory and it’s great because Outlaw is a name that everyone has been talking about recently. He has a commanding presence that you want to pay attention to. He knows that he’s really good at this and won’t hesitate to let you know. He came into this weekend with an agenda and a very important match with Lee Moriarty the next night and Outlaw showed that he can really go. Great opener.


JTG has been in the game for a number of years but is working like he has something to prove. I’ve seen some clips of his matches leading up to this one and you can see that he’s working different these days and is ready for another run on tv. Trey Miguel is one of the most innovative wrestlers out today. Constantly blowing crowds away with never before seen spots that are on some luchador type shit. Miguel is always looking for a new way to attack and in this match he had the vet

confused at times trying to catch up to him. Trey hit a knee sliding tornado DDT that was immediately a GIF. The OG was working like exactly that. Slowing Miguel down and busting out a couple of new spots in the playbook. This match was fun. JTG showed that he’s working with a mission. Miguel did what he does best, some off the wall innovative offense. This one kept the ball rolling.


This match was INSANE. A bunch of crazy spots I can’t put into words here but that’s what you get when you have Top Flight in the match. Top Flight is gonna be the best tag team in the world in 5 years or less and these two young kings were showing exactly why. I’m gonna need to do a full spread on just how great these two are and the absolutely insane spots they have in their matches. Not to mention how great and smart of a young dude that Air Wolf is. Like beyond this wrestling shit he’s extremely intelligent and one of the young minds we all need to get behind. Culture SZN features an incredible women’s talent named Tasha Steele. She has been tearing through the wrestling world for a couple of years now and recently has been on display in Impact Wrestling in a really great tag team with Kiera Hogan. Steele is a big personality and reminds me of that one cousin who you love who just don’t give a fuck. The other half of Culture SZN is one of the wrestlers that’s in my top 5 wrestlers today Christian Casanova. Casanova is legit one of the smoothest wrestlers in the game today. The way that he glides through in a match is unmatched. He’s really a wavy ass dude and you can see it every time he’s in the ring. Needs to be signed IMMEDIATELY. Like he can go RIGHT NOW. Casanova has been destroying in every company that he’s been featured in and just had a classic with ACH. He’s NEXT. The winners of the match were 40 Acres, PB Smooth and Tre Lamar. They in a gang with AJ Gray. AJ in a couple wrestling gangs 😂. I’ve talked a bit in the last issue about Tre Lamar and how crazy he goes. His last like 10-15 matches have all been must see. Go check them out. PB Smooth is getting better and better with every match. It’s really only a matter of time before someone comes calling with his size, moveset and look. Look this match was insane you just have to go watch it. Some of these spots were crazy and you have to see with you own eyes. Go watch. Now.


One of the most important matches in the show. Anytime there are eyes on that belt and that champion it’s a great day. As I always say, Trish Adora is MY WORLD CHAMPION. She is just always shining. One of the most refreshing wrestlers to watch. She’s been making a lot of noise and turning a lot of heads especially with the name of her finisher “The Lariat Tubman”. Twitter has been blowing up with people loving it. Suge D has been a different man since his stay in AEW. He really has gotten serious with his character, his in ring work and his promos. Both these wrestlers really sold the importance of this match leading up to it. Started with a moment of Suge holding the ropes for Trish to get in the ring. They called back to the spot later in the match where Trish was in control and did the same for Suge. Suge controlled the match by over powering Trish. He hit her with a double stomp in the corner that was nasty. Trish Adora is a fighter though. So much heart and spirit that it’s almost impossible to keep her down. She rose to the challenge and took the fight to Suge. Her personality shining to the crowd and through the screen most were behind her to get the victory which she eventually did. The importance of the Championship together with how much of a great talent and personality Trish Adora is is gonna reflect what happens here in the next couple of months. She has a lot of new eyes on here and with every week she’s getting another accomplishment, like being featured in the PWI top 100 women’s wrestlers in the world. Won’t be long before she’s signed.


Another wrestler featured in my top 5 wrestlers today is here and again he’s on a TEAR. Calvin Tankman is next up. I might have to say it in every newsletter. Everything you love about the big man is shown here in his match against an absolute monster named O’Shay Edwards. O’Shay was a replacement for Will Hobbs and Jon Davis who both had to bow out of the show but O’Shay is NO REPLACEMENT. He’s a first round pick and he’s always pissed and always ready to fight. This is a battle. O’Shay is heavy on the suplexes. Tankman will knock your head off, hit a tope or just elbow you in the back of the god damn head until you’re dead. This match featured all the big bad spots you would expect. They was trying to hurt each other. It was beautiful. Tankman eventually wins with that big elbow after a plethora of neck breaking slams. This shit was heat. Continuing on an amazing show.


In the running for my favorite women’s wrestler in the world is Willow Nightingale. She has the same kind of presence as Trish Adora has as she just lights up a screen. Her smile will almost make you forget that she’s MEAN in the ring. I’m talking about beating everyone up no discrimination. She’s in a match here with a bunch of other very talented individuals. Devon Monroe is Black Sexellence! Striking from all angles. Very agile and unique and just like Billy Dixon said in commentary Monroe hits HARD. Marti Belle is a name that if you’ve payed attention to pro wrestling for the last couple of years you should know. She’s been featured in many prominent promotions and is a very seasoned wrestler. She knows exactly who she is and it shows when you watch her in ring. Faye Jackson is BOO. We all love her. She can do no wrong and she’s the best. She is constantly working to become a better pro wrestler and with every new match you can see it. She busts out this apron front flip that always blows my mind. I love her character. This match was great and a change of pace from what we’ve previously seen. It really shows that For The Culture is for everyone because that’s how it is in spaces we create.


The man of the hour(no shots Lio😂) the reason we are all here and the reason this show is happening AJ Gray is here for a HUGE match against someone he has said he looks up to Dezmond Xavier. This match is everything I expected it to be and more. AJ is fighting with a purpose and like he gots something to prove to EVERYONE watching and his opponent Dez. AJ took over and was dominant in certain moments of the match hitting suplexes, leg kicks, powerbombs and whatever else wild ways he’s came up with to try to hurt a man. Dez is FAST. Moving at angles the camera can barely catch. Flying at AJ a way that many just simply can’t do. Everything Dez does looks like he’s does it with ease. He be doing that Rascalz shit but solo. This match over exceeding expectations. AJ told me that this match was gonna be hard and he was gonna be fighting like it’s one of his most important matches. Dez is so good that he’s underrated. I love watching him in singles matches even though the Rascalz matches are crazy. AJ tried to MURDER that man with TWO lariats, I’m talking bout DEATH, the second one got him the victory and somebody had to get Dez some milk. This was the cherry on top of an amazing show and we still got two matches to go.


I interviewed Lee Moriarty earlier in the week before the show and he stressed the importance of this match. When this match was announced we all knew what it could be. ACH has been on an incredible run of matches since being back on the indies. He’s taken a veteran role not only in the matches but behind the scenes as well. Pretty much every indie wrestler working wants a match with ACH and what he has done For The Culture, pun intended, plays a huge role in why this match was important. At this point in the show I was blown away by everything I had seen. Every match was great and over exceeded the mark. When I got to this match I actually started to get emotional. Some matches are just so important for pro wrestling but most importantly when you’re a Black Wrestling fan, some matches are really important For The Culture. This match was amazing. Moriarty is on display. Attacking this match much different than the other 5 matches he had this weekend. He has a very seriously look. He’s intent on all his decisions. He’s precise as he knows he can make no mistakes with ACH. ACH on the other hand is locked into that veteran role like I was talking about earlier. Bringing the match to exactly where he wants it at exactly the time he wants it because he’s a vet and has seen it all. The motivation that every wrestler has had when facing ACH recently has been amazing to see. You can tell that they are proving to him that he belongs in a ring and as long as he wants it he has a home in independent wrestling. They also want to prove to themselves that they can go with one of the absolute best wrestlers in the entire world. ACH is on another level. Moriarty is locked in though. He knows what he has to do this weekend. He knows that all eyes are on him. Let me tell you, Lee had an outstanding weekend. Legit every match he had was heat. The Gresham match was one of the best matches of the year hands down. Go watch it. You have to. Lee wins the match in an shocker and wrapped out the classic match for us to see. It was incredible.


It’s main event time and what the fuck 2 Cold Scorpio is about to wrestle AR Fox?!?! NIGGA... We all thought this match had the potential to be wild considering who was in it. Then these dudes have the match and guess what? SHIT WAS WILD. 2 Cold Scorpio about to be 55 years old and he still crushing dudes with Moonsault Leg drops. AR Fox was crushed twice in this match, god bless him😂. This match was crazy bruh for real. They was doin all the crazy shit they always do but one of these niggas is a grandpa! We need one last run in the main stage for real for Scorp. The OG not only can still go but most importantly it looks like he’s still having fun out there. Not a veteran passed his prime trying to recapture the moment but an OG out there showing he can still fly with the best of em and AR Fox is the best of em. There’s 450’s, moonsaults, dives, kicks, laughter, all kinds of shit. This was the perfect way to end a perfect show. My favorite show of the year by far. AR Fox gets the victory pinning the legend. It was well deserved and I don’t know if there is anybody else better that could have been put in this position. AR Fox’s career is surrounded by some controversy and some other things but I really do hope that one day he is signed to a major company because we really want to see him on tv. He’s the best and has been for like 10 years. He deserves his flowers.

Show of the year. Every match was heat. Go watch it right now on fite tv. Support our people. Support our culture. Thank you to everyone who participated and everyone involved. It was better than I could have even imagined.

Ryan Smile

British pro wrestler Ryan Smile passed away this week. The cause of death is unknown at this moment but the Pro Wrestling world has been ROCKED, especially those in the UK. Many UK wrestlers have expressed their sadness and gratitude to have known Ryan. To see all the heartfelt messages really shows the impact that Ryan Smile made on the pro wrestling world and the friends he made along the way up. I first heard of Ryan a few years ago when the UK scene started to blow up. Their weren’t very many Black wrestlers present in the scene so Ryan really stood out to me. He was a real fast, charismatic high flyer. He commanded the screen with his presence and delighted fans with his quick witty ness. I watched a number of his matches in the Revolution Pro promotion featured in the UK and was always very impressed by his performances. Starting his career in 2008, Smile was a prominent figure in many UK promotions including the previously mentioned Rev Pro, OTT, IPW:UK and ATTACK!. He faced many of the best that the UK has to offer including Mark Andrews, Pete Dunne, Chris Brookes, Mark Haskins and El Phantasmo. Smile was the star that many of my American favorites would face when they went over to the UK including Shane Strickland, Lio Rush, The Rascals and The Briscoes. He had a number a great matches featuring all the talent I just mentioned that you should definitely give a watch as tribute. Ryan Smile in ring was exactly what I love about Black Wrecellence. An extremely talented high flyer who did some amazing things and could go with anyone. His personality would always show in his matches and you could tell that Smile was a quick witted, fun guy who enjoyed doing what he did. To make a name for yourself during a time when the UK scene is overloaded with talent, many of them are featured on American television on a weekly basis, just showed the kind of wrestler that Smile was. It’s a sad day for Black Wrecellence and sad time for UK wrestling. I’m sending love out to all this affected. Rest In Peace to Ryan Smile.

Righteous Hits

The Collective is surrounded by controversy at this point but they sure did have a BUNCH of bangers you need to go check out. ACH wrestled Lio Rush at Spring Break. Classic. ACH also wrestled AJ Gray at Glory Pro. Classic. Lee Moriarty wrestled Jon Gresham at Spring Break. Classic. Suge D wrestled O’Shay Edwards at Trapsoul for Paradigm. Banger. HOODFOOT wrestled Erick Stevens in Stevens last pro wrestling match ever which was a very big deal. Mike Outlaw wrestled Lee Moriarty at Glory Pro. LIT. Holidead was featured in the Shimmer show. Watch it. Tankman beat a dude DOWN at Bloodsport. Got injured he beat dude up so bad. But you know what to do y’all. WATCH FOR THE CULTURE. ITS THE SHOW OF THE YEAR.

This Righteous Reg. This is the Black Wrecellence Newsletter. This Black Wrecellence.

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