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The Black Wrecellence Newsletter #3

ICW? It’s fitting because all EYE SEE is White men

In creating Black Wrecellence I started to develop a new way to study Pro Wrestling and the trends that go along with it. I have a game I play by myself that is when I see a Pro Wrestling Card I try to find a Black wrestler. For about 85% of the shows I see presented now at least one Black wrestler is present and representing. This happens on a weekly basis and there was always ONE company I could guarantee would not have a Black wrestler on the card. It almost became laughable to me when I would go through their next show because I knew what was up before even looking at it. So the latest card is released, ZERO Black wrestlers are present and I have my regular laugh. This time I take to twitter to see if others are feeling the same way or there are some other factors present in this. I retweet ICW:NHB who is out of New York with the caption “ICW book a Black wrestler challenge”. I get a few retweets and confirmation that it’s not just me and I’m not surprised. A couple of Black wrestlers have tried to get booked on the ICW shows to no avail. One wrestler who I spoke to started a campaign to be booked by ICW and was gaslighted by ICW’s promoter Danny Demanto for being “disrespectful” and tweeting “out of line” and essentially said he talked to some other promoters and they were in agreement that it was disrespectful to go about it that way. The way he went about it was saying ICW doesn’t book any Black wrestlers and he could be one of the first since he fits the aesthetic. So let me get this straight, stating a very correct fact about your company is disrespectful? See that’s how it is for Black wrestlers. They try to go about getting booked a certain way and are gaslighted and threaten of being Blackballed. A white wrestler could murder someone and be booked on the next show for “rehabilitation”. I thought with how everything has been going lately with wrestlers and fans alike pushing diversity and a change of the old guard that this problem wouldn’t still be going on with companies not booking ANY Black wrestlers on their shows but Pro Wrestling gonna Pro Wrestling. It’s not to say there aren’t so many talented wrestlers ready to be booked at any moment. It’s not to say there aren’t any Black deathmatch wrestlers ready to be booked at any moment because we know there are some out there ready to go. I made a list of 500 of the best Black wrestlers in the world(which you can see now at and you know there are so many on the list who can do exactly what needs to be done but better. If you don’t have any Black wrestlers on your card at this point it’s because you don’t want to, not because you can’t find any and at this point I just want all these promotions to come forward so I can avoid them. It’s really time for this shit to change. We are fighting on a daily basis for equality in the wrestling business for these amazing Black wrestlers all over the world who still aren’t getting a fair shot. Who are still judged on a different scale than their white counterparts. Worst of it all is the white promoters who are smug and entitled themselves who try to flip it on the wrestlers and make up reasons why they aren’t booking them. Pro Wrestling is filled with confirmed white racist, abusers, bigots and idiots but they are still constantly booked on shows and given chances to change. A Black wrestler will be blackballed from the industry over a tweet, they are playing two very different games. These hardworking wrestlers are still being punished for years of racism still in place even if it isn’t as out there as it used to be. They have to overcome so many obstacles to even get a chance and have to walk on eggshells even if they do get the opportunity. We’ve seen with ACH and Lio Rush what happens when a extremely talented young man doesn’t fall in line with the old guard bullshit. It’s time for it to stop. It’s time we stop letting these promoters and companies get away with this shit. ICW is just one company of many that does this. Black wrestlers are expressing their frustrations on a daily basis on social media talking about the interactions they have with these companies and it’s still very bad out there. We need to continue this momentum we have been building over the last year showing that Black wrestlers are everything that’s needed and more. Black wrestlers are the most talented wrestlers in the world but have to overcome so many obstacles and bullshit that most will never know. You would hope that a show like For The Culture would open the door and more would realize this but I’m sure a show like that was met with jealousy and criticism because it’s rooted in racism. I’m not going to let these companies get away with this and that will be with zero support from me and calling them out on their bullshit at all moments.

Impact Wrestling

Saturday night October 24, 2020 Impact wrestling presented its yearly mainstay pay per views Bound For Glory. The main event this year saw the Impact world champion Eric Young taking on one of the reasons I started the whole Black Wrecellence movement the man known as Rich Swann. Rich Swann has been through everything you can go through at this point to get to this moment. He lost both of his parents very early in his life. He’s struggled with homelessness, drugs, the mental health issues a lot young Black men have but don’t really know how to express. Throughout all of that Rich Swann went on to live his dream, He became a Professional Wrestler. I first discovered Swann as a skinny but very vibrant wrestler in Combat Zone Wrestling the place where he was trained. He wowed not just me but people around the world with his jumping standing 450, it was always a spot that stood out to me. He very early got a shot to show his worth out in a place where 90% of pro wrestlers want to go, in Japan for Japanese indie favorite Dragon Gate. It was their where he developed a friendship with Ricochet and Apollo Cruz and where I really started to see how amazing of a wrestler Swann was. I saw him in many many incredible matches out in Reseda for PWG with Ricochet as his tag team partner where I figured out Swann was on another level. The first time I ever met Rich Swann was at a wrestling weekend in LA in 2012 called WrestleReunion. Rich had missed his match the previous day due to some flight communications. My friends and I had pitched to Rich to go talk to the booker of PWG because we knew he’d be a great fit there. Yada yada yada he ended up in PWG. Now I don’t want to say I had a part in it BUT.... 😂. Every time I ever had a conversation with Rich he was always the nicest and most humble dude. You really wanted this guy to win. Then it happened. He got the biggest break you can get as an American pro wrestler, he was signed to WWE. Swann began in NXT making a little splash to start but it was in the Cruiserweight Classic that he really made his mark. Swann had some incredible matches in the CWC which you can and should go watch now as it’s an insanely incredible tournament. Swann lost in the tournament but was announced for WWE’s new cruiserweight only show 205 Live. Swann was having amazing showings every week on 205 live, like great matches that you should go back and see. Momentum is eventually on his side and he becomes the WWE Cruiserweight champion achieving another dream he had set out to make. He had an amazing match with PAC then known as Neville to lose the Cruiserweight championship and was fired from the WWE following an arrest. I don’t really know the full story of what happened and the consequences so I won’t speak on it. At that point things didn’t look great for our friend Rich Swann and I along with many of his wrestling colleagues were worried. Swann ends up in Impact wrestling a while later. He looks better and more refreshed than he did at the end of his WWE run. He’s working like he has a point to prove. They team him up with Willie Mack, one of the other reasons for all of this and they have a great run as a tag team. Swann does what he does best and works his ass off constantly to show that he’s one of the best in the world. Earning the respect of wrestlers and fans all over the world, Swann gets a run with the X division championship having great matches with everyone Impact wrestling has to offer. He gets into a heated feud with Sami Callihan that shows that he’s more than just a great wrestler but that he can have a story and character too. This was the prelude to the moment on Saturday. Swann and Young have a really good back and fourth match to main event Bound For Glory. Story is built around Young returning to Impact from WWE to attack Swann and become Impact World Champion. Young reinjured Swann to put him back on the shelf for a bit but Swann returned and he’s pissed off. Swann his a BIG Phoenix splash for the 1.2.3 to become the new Impact World champion. This moment is HUGE. Everything Rich Swann has gone through personally and professionally has got him to this moment. All the years of busting his ass all around the world entertaining anytime he is presented has led to this moment. He earned the respect of so many across the world and their aren’t many like who who deserve it. This is his moment and most importantly WE have another Black world champion. Congrats to the king Rich Swann, it’s well deserved.


On Sunday Night, WWE presented the annual Hell In A Cell pay per view. I can go on for days about the impact of the Hell In A Cell and how much it’s changed over the years but I think this year is finally the year they got the booking of this pay per view right. This ain’t the newsletter for that but that Roman Reigns performance was legendary. I’m talking amazing stuff. BUT the reason we are all here, the match of the pay per view for me was the Smackdown Women’s championship match between the champ Phenomenal champion Bayley and the greatest WWE women’s wrestler OF ALL TIME Sasha Banks. This match was the culmination of a feud 5 years in the making. Let’s just say it, Sasha and Bayley are the new Shawn and Bret, Rock and Austin. They had the best WWE women’s match of all time 5 years ago in Brooklyn at NXT takeover Brooklyn. I tweeted before Hell In A Cell that I thought that this Hell In A Cell match would top the NXT match and boy was I RIGHT. We first need to have the discussion on Sasha Banks being Queen of the Hell In A Cell. I think she’s had a Hell In A Cell match the last 4 years and they have all been amazing. Who would have thought that Sasha’s specialty match type would’ve been Hell In A Cell? This match with Bayley was far and away the best one and legit the best match they have ever had. I thought this feud would be drawn out a little longer as I thought they would be a tag team through the end of the year. When they did the turn with Bayley taking the heel role I was skeptical. Bayley entered another level though and cemented her place as one of the best ever. When Sasha returned so quickly after the turn I was again skeptical. When they had a match on Smackdown so quickly again I was skeptical. I knew it would end in some bullshit because that’s what they do. Regardless the build up to Hell In A Cell was great. They really sold the importance of the moment. When it came time for the match, these ladies laid everything they had on the line. You can tell that they have talked about wanting this moment for years. Throughout all the training and car rides they’ve prepared for this moment. The innovation, the moves, the spots, the emotion, the pacing, it all was presented here. Some of the most brutal spots in a match that you would do to your best friend to prove you are the best. Sasha and Bayley just click on a different level than others. This is the kind of act you would take all over the world back in the day showing how great these two are together in every territory. To bring all of that to this Hell In A Cell match and knock it out of the park really says something about these two women. They are exactly what they say they are. Go watch the match it’s brutal. Sasha Banks defeats Bayley with the bank statement and a chair in a classic match. Sasha Banks is now the Smackdown women’s champion. Sasha Banks is a grand slam champion. There are only two things left on the agenda for Sasha Banks when it comes to WWE accolades and that’s winning the Royal Rumble and MAIN EVENTING Wrestlemania. I definitely think those two things will happen as Sasha has achieved all the greatness she already has and she’s not even 30 years old yet. I know I say it on a daily basis and will forever scream it but Sasha Banks really is the greatest WWE women’s wrestler of all time. She has the resume to back it up.

The New Day are wrestling The Street Profits at Survivor Series and that’s dope. The New Day spilt up is still dumb and I hate you.

The Collectcovid

Covid 19 is destroying the entire US and Pro Wrestling is getting caught up in the storm. A few weeks ago GCW put on a weekend known as The Collective. I talked about it here on The Black Wrecellence Newsletter when discussing the amazing For The Culture show. Well after all was said and done controversy surrounded the event as a number of wrestlers who worked the weekend tested positive of Covid 19. Specifically for The Black Wrecellence newsletter the absolute future breakout star AC Mack tested positive and that’s important because he was one of the stars of the For The Culture show. Throughout the pandemic Pro Wrestling has been hit pretty hard. Some breakouts have happened at the WWE Performance center, a couple in AEW, and various wrestlers throughout the industry have contracted the virus. The biggest hit the industry has taken is the loss of fans in attendance. The 6th man of the pro wrestling world is the fans, they bring certain moments to an even higher point and add an extra energy that I don’t know if we ever really knew how important it is. WWE and AEW have been constant and trying to lead the way when it comes to pandemic wrestling. A lot of companies are back full force with some fans back in attendance at a fixed capacity so that led to the weekend that was the collective. There has been so much controversy online as to if any company should be running wrestling shows right now WWE and AEW included. Is it morally the right thing to do? We know that there are hundreds of wrestlers out there who wrestle full time and this year has impacted so much. But is the pandemic bigger than all of that? Will these breakouts continue to happen? Is there really a way to curb this thing when there are still constantly shows running with a number of people where things can become uncontrollable? Time really will tell. Black Wrecellence Newletter favorite AJ Gray posted that he received a positive test back after a weekend wrestling for GCW and we were devastated. Luckily he took another test soon after that came back negative so he’s thinking it was a false positive. He says it didn’t happen at a wrestling show regardless. I don’t really know what the results of all this will lead to. Will another wave come and destroy all? Will the wrestling companies figure out how to defeat this like the NBA did with the bubble? Seems like ROH is one of the best when it comes to this and precautions. They have been sending wrestlers home and been quarantining the wrestlers before the shows. It’s really just a weird ass time for everyone. I don’t know where I stand on the issue but I feel like I’m being a hypocrite regardless because I’m watching all the wrestling shows. I know all these people have lives and families that need to be supported it at what cost? Hope AC Mack gets week quickly and I hope no more of my people have to deal with this. Be Safe.


The Ring Of Honor Pure Title Tournament has made to the finals and all but one of the Black Wrecellence favorites are eliminated. Kenny King was ROBBED in a split decision in his match with Josh Woods. Fred Yehi had a great showing in his first match against Silas Young but ending up on the losing end against Hotsauce Tracy Williams. Jay Lethal had some really good matches against Dalton Castle and David Finley before being defeated by Tracy Williams also. But luckily, the reason for the tournament and the best pure wrestler in all of Ring of Honor Jonathan Gresham is in the finals and on his way to becoming the Pure Champion. All the matches have been great and exactly the Pure wrestling that was advertised. I love the arena and look of the shows they are presenting. I love how they introduced all the wrestlers through interviews before their matches. I love that they gave wrestlers like Tony Deppen and Fred Yehi and opportunity to showcase that they have in ROH. I will be forever happy if at the end of this Jonathan Gresham is holding that Pure Title high above his head.

It was all a dream

I used to read PWI magazine! If you didn’t know I have a few articles featured in the last couple of issues of Pro Wrestling Illustrated. One discussing the PWI 500 and the other a story on AJ Gray(he just keeps getting his name in this 😂). Go get them and support. It was a dream of mine I didn’t really know I could achieve but I did and it’s dope. Just wanted to say that. Not even where I was goin😂.

Throughout the last couple of months the pandemic has been fucking a lot of stuff up but that has not stopped some of these companies from booking matches that are my dream matches. This week ACH Vs Fred Yehi is happening in AAW. Yeah that’s a wild ass match. I’ve said it here the last two issues but ACH has been on a crazy run post WWE. The role that he has taken as a vet and a leader really shows with every match that he has. He’s locked in a new gear almost like he has something to prove when he’s already proved that he’s one of the best in the world. Fred Yehi is the most underrated pro wrestler on the planet and could be world champ in ANY company TODAY. A fuckin travesty he’s not on national tv. I get the vibe that he’s fine with it which makes it much better but he still needs to be utilized. This match is gonna be great. Black Label Pro booking one of the best wrestlers in the world Jonathan Gresham, the future Ring Of Honor Pure champion vs MY WORLD CHAMPION, the Pan African world diaspora champion Trish Adora. Like what? I never knew i wanted this match let alone would be able to see this match but it’s really happening and I’m so fucking excited. Trish will really be put to the test when she’s in there with Gresh. You have no choice but to be at the top of your game when you’re in there with Jonathan Gresham. It’s that or get ate up. I’m sure Trish will do what she does best and that’s rise to the occasion. That one is up there. Violence X Suffering just booked THE FIYAHMAN Hot Fire, Myron Reed against the greatest Black wrestler of all time 2 Cole Scorpio! After seeing what Scorp did with AR Fox a couple of weeks ago I’m looking forward to seeing what he does with Reed. Reed is out of his fuckin mind and will do WHATEVER it takes in a match to get the victory and most importantly show how FIRE of a pro wrestler he is. Scorp like 30 years older than Reed. Reed is like a younger Scorp when it comes to the wild shit he does, you know the influence is there. This is gonna be dope. Pair those will all the amazing bangers we have already seen this year, Lee Moriarty vs ACH and Jonathan Gresham, AJ Gray Vs Dezmond Xavier and ACH, Lio Rush vs ACH, ACH Vs Christian Casanova. Damn moral of the story is go watch a ACH match from this year because he’s been on FIRE. There’s a lot of great stuff to watch out there.

Some Bars

I’m going to end this thing the same way I started it, angry about representation! The Wednesday night shows are both being presented right now and ZERO Black wrestlers are being advertised for either show. Not one. Nothing at all. No melanin ANYWHERE. This shot is really getting old. All these companies were talking diversity this and that a few months ago but look at it now. Right back to how it always was. I want a young Black kid to watch one of these shows and be inspired by someone who looks like them. I want all the wrestlers I champion on a weekly basis to get a shot. I’m talking about a singles star who gets some shine. You can tell the Black singles wrestlers are few and far between on AEW and NXT all you have to do is look at a number one title contenders tournament or match. We ain’t never in there. Look at the champs. Not in there. Gotta give it up to Impact Wrestling right now. The only major wrestling company with a Black world champion. Happy that Rich Swann gets to be that representation. But for the rest of the business this diversity and representation we’ve been talking about every day out here on social media needs to actually show. Not just for a show or two or some feel good moment. This needs to be consistent. We need those faces. We need those stories. It’s time for a fucking change man. I don’t want to have to say this every Black Wrecellence Newsletter. It’s gonna get old.

This is Righteous Reg, This is Black Wrecellence

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