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The Black Wrecellence Newsletter #4

Super J Cup

So I wake up Monday morning November 2nd to news that my twitter account has been suspended because of a very dumb tweet of a joke. I was triggered because my Black Wrecellence twitter account was permanently suspended for making a joke and I lost a lot of content and some opportunities I was trying to lay down. I’ve been slowly getting back to them when my other twitter account is banned for some bullshit. Can you imagine when my account is banned that they start killing it with Black Wrestling news and I can’t comment with my people on ANY OF IT?!? At the top of this crazy news cycle was the announcement of the return of the Super J Cup in New Japan Pro Wrestling. A one night tournament pitting some of the best Cruiserweight wrestlers in the world against each other for the battle of the Super J Cup. Now mind you, New Japan has been the topic of discussion for years with me and some other online because the booking of Black wrestlers is SUPER RARE around those parts. I’ve wondered for years why New Japan doesn’t book more Black wrestlers when their are tons of them who want to be there and work the style. It actually started to become annoying to me and subconsciously kind of soured me on New Japan pro wrestling. When I’m watching a wrestling show, I want at least ONE wrestler I can relate to if you know what I mean. Don’t get me wrong, New Japan has some of the best Pro Wrestling in the world but I’m tryna see my brothers! A few months ago they started booking ACH again in the US division of New Japan and that was amazing to see so it was a very slow improvement. So boom they announce the tournament Monday morning featuring ACH, LIO RUSH, and CHRIS BEY amongst the 8 competitors competing in the tournament and I’m JUICED. Three of the best Black pro wrestlers in the world about to be showcased in one of the best tournaments of the year on the biggest stage in japan. I attended the Super J Cup last year they presented here in the Bay Area in San Francisco. Was a great show. Some of the best matches. Got to see amazing red. It was great. This years tournament hits so different though. ACH on one of the craziest runs of his career in this post WWE run. Having some of the best matches with wrestlers all over the country the last couple of months. Dream matches against all of our favorites. A dream match against another competitor in the tournament Lio Rush who has also been on an incredible run post WWE. To know both of the stories of what happened to these guys in WWE and to see what they are doing post WWE is absolutely insane. Lio is a heavy favorite to win this tournament just with how he has been moving. His style and stamina are built for this tournament. On top of that he just announced that he got a role in a power rangers movie that coming up. To know how excited he is and to know that this has been a dream of his since he was a kid is amazing to see. On top of that, both these guys(that’s mine) are going to be apart of the MLW restart that’s happening in a week. It’s about to be a great couple of months for the two. BUT my pick to win the whole tournament is my brother the Ultimate Finesser Chris Bey. Chris Bey has had an absolutely INSANE YEAR. He was featured on 205 Live, Ring Of Honor, countless indies and Impact wrestling all within a 12 month span. Every place he went to he KILLED it. People remembered his name. They tweeted about him when he was on the screen. He has been having a great run in Impact wrestling already having been the X Division champion. He’s been featured on Impact tv every week since he has debuted usually in a match AND a backstage segment so you know they have confidence in him. With the gear that he is currently in, the finesse that he has and the confidence he always presents I know he’s about to turn all the way up in this tournament. He’s gonna be gonna even harder than he usually does and I know that he’s gonna do everything in his power to outshine everyone he’s in there with. He is gonna add the Super J Cup to his resume and climb even higher finishing the year out on top, The best Cruiserweight in the world. December 12th is the tournament. We will be able to watch it online so we all knew to tune in and cheer our brothers on. Regardless of who wins(hopefully one of the three), it’s amazing that my brothers are getting this opportunity to showcase in front of the world and I know they are going to capitalize on the situation.

The Rascalz

Impact Wrestling had a broadcast last night and they went to a skit that they have featured on the show for a few years now where The Rascalz(Dezmond Xavier, Zachary Wentz, and Trey Miguel) sit in a treehouse That 70s show style and shit the shit while getting “stoned”. You’re supposed to believe that they are high and they say and do some wacky shit during the segment. It’s fun and a great way to get to know the wrestlers a bit more besides just I ring. Well this particular week of the treehouse segment is different because The Rascalz start reading a paper saying they are being evicted from the treehouse and have to LEAVE IMPACT WRESTLING?!?!? What a second hold up? For a second I was confused on the video because you know how pro wrestling works, could be an angle but nope it was confirmed that The Rascalz finished up with Impact Wrestling at the last set of tapings and they are on their way out. The Rascalz have been a prominent team featured on Impact Wrestling for a number of years now. Defining that X division style the exact way Impact Wrestling has laid out, The Rascalz were one of the most exciting teams in all of pro wrestling. The Rascalz have won tag team championships in multiple wrestling companies over the last couple of years but now the funny thing to discover is that they were NEVER Impact Wrestling tag champs which is pretty wild. Impact was the perfect place for them to really get kicked off as The Rascalz though. Not many pro wrestling companies with a tv show would let a group of wrestlers have a gimmick where they are stoners and insinuate that they are baked every time you see them on tv. Impact will do that because they be killin niggas on their show. My first thought on the matter was why would they leave Impact Wrestling due to that exact reason right there. Where else are they gonna be able to do a stoner gimmick? On tv? But immediately that thought was gone because regardless of everything The Rascalz are absolutely one of the best tag teams in the entire world and do exactly the type of tag matches that I love so my reaction switched to excitement due to all the dream matches I booked in my head. They could tear it up in literally ANY wrestling company in the world. They could go back to places they have already won championships in like AAW or PWG and continue to tear it up on the indies. They could go over to Japan and tear it up for New Japan it any of the incredible Japanese promotions where they will fit right in. Of course they would destroy it in AEW where tag team wrestling on the marquee with the potential to get lost in the shuffle but with that roster it might be a chance to take. They also have the opportunity to help companies like ROH and MLW who are always on the search for top tag teams in the world. So my brain is moving getting all my dream matches together in my head when I get the rumor that The Rascalz are leaving Impact Wrestling to sign with WWE. Legit the last place I thought they would go would be the WWE because as we all know, WWE HATES TAG TEAM WRESTLING. Well apparently, WWE has been having tryouts to recruit some already established and tv ready wrestlers in order to compete with AEW(you read that right) and the performance center is taking too long with development. The Rascalz got a tryout, of course they killed it, so of course they are offered a contract, which they accepted. The most interesting part is that I’m under the impression that only Dez and Wentz were signed though so that leave the question as to what Trey Miguel does from here. This is a very interesting turn of event because as I mentioned before, The Rascalz have a Stoner gimmick. A Stoner gimmick on WWE is just not gonna happen, look what they did to riddle. I guess it doesn’t matter because The Rascalz are talented enough to make it work but in the back of my mind I’m always thinking about how WWE HATES TAG TEAM WRESTLING and all the talented wrestlers they have not doing much. Feels like with the recent signings they have had that they might be trying to make a change so we will wait and see exactly how it all goes down. I hope for the best for the homies in The Rascalz, at the very least they are gonna get paid and that’s always dope.


MLW is back at it on November 17th on multiple outlets for The Restart. As previously mentioned the other big homie Calvin Tankman is set to tear through the roster and debut. My twitter suspension week Court and the Bros announced that both ACH and Lio Rush would be coming in for The Restart and again here come my brothers to set another wrestling company on fire. The potential matches both have, first of all a well drawn out angle between the two would be incredible. They both have a similar story. They both have been through some of the same struggles. They have a very deep history that dates back years where ACH was already a veteran and Lio was pretty much talking about how ACH inspired him so they are destined to face off in a big angle. It writes itself. Also the matches they can have against the Middleweight champion Myron Reed who has a title match against Brian Pillman on the first MLW match. The stuff Lio or ACH could do with Reed’s partner Jordan Oliver will go super crazy. Either one of them against Calvin Tankman?!?! BRUH! You know both these guys have title aspirations so it’s going to be very interesting to see how they are out the gate for MLW and The Restart. I’m happy to see the redemption story of both these gentlemen. Happy to see how they take their characters in The Restart and am very happy about all the things involved in The Restart. Another superstar I’m interested in seeing is Zenshi. He had a couple viral gifs of him doing a flipping clothesline off the top rope. Shit is pretty nuts. He’s pretty fearless and has a dope style. Masked Black man Chile. He’s quick and one to watch. The Middleweight division in MLW about to get real interesting with all these recent additions.

Top Flight

Top Flight Top Flight Top Flight. I’ve mentioned this young kings before talking about the monumental For The Culture show a few weeks back but since then Top Flight has been featured on AEW Dark and have been quickly setting the wrestling world on fire. A few years ago I remember seeing a gif of a young wrestler doing a running avalanche dragonrana and being totally blown away. People were like oh yeah that dude is just a super young dude coming up with an insane amount of potential. That was Angel Dorado. Speaking of MLW again there was a young wrestler featured before everything went insane named Air Wolf. Air Wolf was also a young wrestler with an insane amount of potential. Just raw skills. Quickness. Innovative. All the things young want from a young wrestler. That whole time in the small independents the two of these wrestlers were teaming up. Tearing up the indies with mindblowing and straight up death defying moves that I hadn’t even seen before. Music Videos of the team started to circulate as they rebranded themselves Top Flight. The wrestling world was buzzing and some of the best tag teams in the world were saying they wanted to lock it up with Top Flight. After destroying it in the tag match at the For The Culture show Top Flight is in high demand. That name just started to ring bells and a few weeks ago it was announced that they would be having a match on Dark. They changed both Air Wolf and Angel Dorado’s names for AEW. Angel is Daunte and Air Wolf is Darius Martin and they are ACTUAL BROTHERS which is dope. After an great showing on Dark I tweeted out “Need The Young Bucks Vs Top Flight like NOW”. On Monday after one of the best tag team matches of all time against FTR a graphic hit the internet that on Wednesday the 11th The Young Bucks would be taking on Top Flight on Dynamite. Again I’m JUICED. They just keep announcing all of my dream matches all over wrestling. It’s like at minimum one a week now. Top Flight had a match on Dark against Baron Black and Frankie Thomas that had the gifs flowing and Top Flight were legit doing regular moves but amped up times 20😂. Daunte hit a leapfrog that at this point I’ve watched a video of like 100 times in one day. This shit is HIGH bro. Real high. Just a regular ass leapfrog. Darius is HELLA quick just chain wrestling and at one point he had to wait for his opponent because he was moving so fast. I love these dudes. The tag team moves they have are different than any other tag team moves you’ve seen and they hit them shits QUICK. The match with The Young Bucks is gonna be insane but the match up I’m personally looking forward to is the match that definitely eventually has to happen with Top Flight Vs Private Party! I just know all the innovativeness between the four will be off the charts. The match of the year if it happens. A win on dark for an up and coming talent has really meant something in the last couple of months. A lot of those being showcased and winning matches have been signed. It happened for the big homie Will Hobbs who sidenote, has his brand new, first official T-shirt on Shop AEW. Gonna be the first wrestling shirt I purchase in like 5 years or so. So happy for the bro. But with the dark win and the highest of the high profile match against the Young Bucks next week, it really has to be a matter of time, if they aren’t already, for Top Flight to be signed so I’m sure the Private Party match is happening.


Earlier tonight on Dynamite Cody Rhodes was doing a promo when he was interrupted by an absolutely stunning Black Queen named Jade Cargill. She looked a bit familiar as she was on screen but I couldn’t put my finger on it. She READ Cody live on air on TNT for a while talking about how dare Cody say he was a “giant killer” and he a punk for not having one name anymore and that her dude she about to bring got one name. “And you want to know his name?” SHAQ. They setting up Shaq vs Cody. Rhyme with Shaq and Kobe. Ok gotta go after that dumb joke. I don’t know what to say about this match😂😂😂. It’ll be super interesting. It’ll be mainstream coverage. It’s actually kind of a genius idea. They’ll be talking about this match on Sportscenter and Fox Sports shows. If NBA is back by then they will be talking about it on Inside the NBA selling this match. Big Show somewhere mad as hell. He like “Damn first Cody gonna be on a new show called GO BIG SHOW now he’s getting my money match with Shaq! This is some bullshit!” Nah but for real it’ll be interesting to see how it goes. It’ll also be interesting to see what happens with Jade Cargill. I remembered afterward that she had a tryout with WWE recently and was informed that she has been training with AEW ever since. She has been said to have a very unique style and has a lot of buzz around her. I’m invested.


I usually try to watch both Wednesday night shows spoiler free. Well all the wrestling I like to watch spoiler free but sometimes when tweeting on Wednesday’s it’s hard. I was watching Dynamite first as i usually do tweeting and I roll by a tweet that has young Leon Ruff holding the NXT North American Championship with a caption about upsetting Johnny Gargano! The whole Black wrestling twitter timeline is LIT. Everyone is excited for the young king and I couldn’t ignore. I’ve talked on the newsletter a bit about how great of a wrestling trainer and coach AR Fox is with an already impressive resume of students and with what he has shown already Ruff is at the top of the class. Since debuting in Evolve wrestling, Ruff has been excelling in every position he has been in. He and Fox won the Evolve tag team championships in an very exciting match on one of the nights WWE was trying to compete with a big Evolve show so a lot of eyes were in him. He started showing up on WWE tv on NXT, 205 Live and Raw usually getting his head kicked off by Aleister Black or showing some young baby face fire before being defeated. Evolve went out of business and a few months ago it was announced that Ruff had signed a contract with WWE and NXT. Again the entire timeline was LIT. Ruff is such a humble young dude so to see him get this opportunity and to know that he’s going to continue to excel in the positions he is put in was great. So I turn NXT on after Dynamite and here Johnny Gargano is in the ring with a wheel. The wheel has been haunting him ever since Halloween Havoc. He has a bunch of names on it. Johnny says he cursed. He just won the NXT North American heavyweight championship at Halloween Havoc but he’s never successfully defended a championship. He’s lost the title every single time on the first defense. Johnny says he is CURSED. But tonight will be different. He’s gonna defend his title against one of these men on the wheel tonight. It has all your main NXT NA title contenders. Johnny spends the wheel and it lands on a name that’s written on the wheel in marker different than the other names. Johnny says what a coincidence it landed on LEON RUFF. Ruff hits the screen wide eyed and excited saying “me? I get a title shot? LETS GO!” Ruff looks excited and happy. He gets in the ring and poses with Johnny like he’s a kid at a Axxess signing. Johnny looks confident, Ruff looks excited. They start the match and it’s not over in 39 seconds like expected. Johnny starts around messing with Ruff. They get into some action until eventually Damien Priest shows up. He’s still pissed he lost the NA championship to Johnny at Halloween Havoc and he wants revenge! As the match progresses Priest gets involved. Johnny is distracted, Ruff hits a crucifix for a pin, 1. 2. 3 and with a surprise Leon Ruff is you new North American Champion!!! Hasn’t even been signed for a full year. Has worked very hard to get to this position and EARNED the NA championship. So excited and happy for the young king. The future is so bright. I went back to Twitter afterward to see a tweet from Lio Rush saying something along the lines of stop calling Leon Ruff him because it’s racist and disrespectful. I’m so sick of every time there is a Black wrestler these fans don’t know they compare and call them another Black wrestler. It happened with Private Party and Street Profits. Street Profits and New Day. Kofi and Truth. Will Hobbs and Ahmed Johnson. Kofi and Booker T so on and so fourth. It annoying. It’s racist. It’s unoriginal. It’s lazy. It’s disrespectful to all the wrestlers. Learn who they are with your phone or keep your mouth shut. All these wrestlers are totally different they are just Black. Stop being disrespectful. We are so much more than that.


Ring of Honor has been showcasing some great talent here in the pandemic era of pro wrestling. The Pure wrestling tournament was great. Looks like it is leading to Johnathan Gresham Vs Jay Lethal for the Pure Title. Another group that has been having a great showing is Shane Taylor Promotions comprised of former Ring Of Honor television champion Shane Taylor and a great tag team by the name of The Soldiers Of Savagery, Kaun and Moses. They had a six man tag team match last week on ring of honor tv against the Briscoes and EC3. This week they released a promo hyping a match between SOS and The Briscoes for Ring Of Honor tv this week and SOS totally KILL IT during the promo. Really got their shit in, got themselves look mean, got the match over and sold me on them. Fantastic promo that you need to go watch. Also for next week there will be a match with Shane Taylor vs Kenny King. Both of these men have a lot of history so it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out. Now that I look at it a lot of the main focused angles of the Ring Of Honor relaunch has featured Black Wrecellence. I see you ROH. Let’s keep it up.

Righteous Hits

There are a number of independent wrestling promotions still running. I know there is a lot of controversy surrounding them running shows with Covid and all that. It has been discussed before. I don’t know what my stance is. It’s like people gotta get paid. These businesses have to continue to generate revenue and these wrestlers have to wrestling to pay rent. Bookings they have depended on for months. A lot of these people work a couple of jobs plus wrestling to survive so every booking is needed. Can’t afford any cancellations so I understand BUT PANDEMIC. 200,000 new cases a day now. Not slowing down getting worse. So I don’t know man. Safety. That’s all I can say.

Regardless, a couple of ways you can support these companies during this time is investing in a streaming services like Highspots or Independent Wrestling TV and stream all of your favorite companies as much as you can. Recently I have gotten into a bunch of ACTION wrestling shows. They have a very diverse roster with a lot of Black Wrecellence on them. They have a number of great cards on IWTV that you can stream now and for you first time users there are a bunch of codes for 5 day free trials. Check it out.

Saw a great card for a company which Black Wrecellence favorite Trever Aeon frequents Southern Honor Wrestling. Show happening this weekend featuring a bunch of Black Wrecellence talent like Trev, Owen Knight, Huckaby, Joe Black, Austin Towers, Ashton Starr(who had a great showing on Dark this week also!), and Jordan Kingsley. A bunch of great, different, quality talent, all on the same card. You love to see it. Follow Southern Honor Wrestling. Look out for the show and Follow all the wrestlers I just mentioned. They are all great.

Speaking of IWTV. You can now stream the F1ght Club Pan Afrikan world diaspora championship Summerjam Mixtape show featuring the main event of MY WORLD CHAMPION Trish Adora the Pan Afrikan World Diaspora Champion Miss Lariat Tubman against another Black Wrecellence favorite Timmy Lou Retton. Man just check the card out of all this tremendous talent. You gotta look everyone up. A bunch of people featured on the #BW500

  • Kaia McKenna vs Jeremy Grimes vs Saul Esparza

  • Oreo Speedwagon (Joshua Warva and Xavier Faraday) vs Kings Of The District (Eel O'Neal and Jordan Blade)

  • O'Shay Edwards vs KA Robinson

  • Killian McMurphy vs Savannah Evans

  • 1CW Bulletproof Championship Match: Myles Millennium vs DK Meadows vs Chase Holliday

  • F1ght Club Pro Wrestling Chocolate City Championship Match: Billy Dixon vs Kristian Robinson

  • Pan Afrikan World Diaspora Wrestling Championship Match: Trish Adora vs Timmy Lou Retton

Fantastic show. Everyone really represented and killed it. Another great Black wrestling show with a Black wrestling company. We have had three really great ones this year with this, For The Culture and Black Wrestlers Matter. Go watch all three. They are phenomenal and all make me proud to be a Black Wrestling fan.

This is Righteous Reg. This is Black Wrecellence. The Black Wrecellence Newsletter #4

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