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Unsigned Hype: Christian Casanova

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Christian Casanova is so good that he shouldn’t even be mentioned in this section. He shouldn’t be Unsigned Hype, he should be Signed Hype at the point with the output he has had thus far. Representing Boston Casanova is just as skilled, confident, and talented as the Queen of Pro wrestling from Bosston Sasha Banks is. Hailed as the “Top Talent” Casanova carries himself like he knows he’s the next up, it’s about time the rest of the wrestling world found out.

Christian Casanova is a staple in Wrestling companies like Limitless Wrestling, Beyond Wrestling, Northeast Wrestling, and has been recently making waves in Black Label Pro. With a smooth demeanor and wrestling style to match, Casanova sets the sights on what you’re about to get as he enters the ring to Jaden Smith’s Icon. The Top Talent is exactly the type of wrestler Black Wrecellence wants to see lead the future of this business. Casanova like many of the young fly talent of Black Wrecellence feels like the young rappers to me, represents the evolution of this. He’s taken the foundation of what was built and made it better.

Moving through his entrance and matches alike you see the drip. Casanova utilizes the leg drop to subdue his opponents. He’s quick so his opponents are always playing catch up. He glides through the ring as he hits “Dirty Diana”. The Icon livin has the moveset of an icon and a charisma like a young Will Smith. One false move and you might catch a knee in the grill. Casanova wrestles full force, you can see it.

With absolute banger of matches against ACH in Black Label Pro, JT Dunn and Myron Reed in Limitless, Blake Christian in Beyond, Casanova already has a resume of matches that will instantly make you a fan and show you exactly why he’s called the Top Talent. Companies like AEW, MLW, ROH, and Impact should all have eyes on him and definitely should be sending offers out to sign Casanova. He’s working hard every single day to separate himself from the pack and get that big opportunity. I know that he will shine if given the moment, it’s just a matter of when the moment will happen.

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